5 ways to boost employee engagement

Whether your organization has adopted a fully remote work model or a hybrid one, splitting working time between the offices and home offices, or continues to work at the office full-time, there is one thing that still keeps most leaders up at night: employee engagement.

Keeping your workforce constantly engaged and motivated is not an easy task.

The good news is that in our data-rich world, businesses can make more informed decisions about their employees based on data and rely less on their gut feeling about working arrangements, as they used to do. They can not only understand whether people are actively engaged with their work or just putting in their time, but also positively influence their engagement levels.

So, how can you keep your employee’s involvement and enthusiasm up?

Here are five simple steps to boost employee engagement:

1. Provide training & coaching

 Start by building your employee’s connection with their work and the organization. One effective way is to invest in corporate learning programs. Keep in mind that each employee, depending on the role and the level, has different learning needs and might need different training and coaching programs.

At Humanis, we develop customized training programs for your business, such as induction, sales, customer service etc.  We can help you choose from a wide range of programs and learning tools, making them easily accessible to your employees.

Without employee engagement, there is no team work, no connection and people might end up feeling lost, disconnected and churn.

2. Build a resilient workplace culture

Resiliency is the ability to adapt to difficulties, adversity, and even life-changing experiences; as well as prevent patterns of stressful experiences. Being resilient is all about creating a mindset for personal and professional transformation.

Help your people grow and be able to develop the right skillset to face future challenges and recover from negative events. From a poor performance review to issues and unexpected changes related to customer relationships and more, resilience is an essential skill l that helps your workforce become stronger, more productive and engaged.

Wondering how to get started with business resilience? Here’s everything you need to know.

3. Invest in the right tools and resources 

Employee engagement can take many forms. That’s why it is important to be        able to identify engaged employees within your organization. Knowing how to evaluate your employee’s behavior and performance is key to your company’s growth. Today there are a lot of tools available in the market that enable you to do exactly that.

For example, there are effective performance management systems you can put in place, cultural surveys, and other innovative tools to explore more about your employees’s behavior and gain insights about their current engagement levels.

4. Measure employee satisfaction

 Measuring employee satisfaction will help you understand what the key drivers of your employee engagement are.

One of the most common mistakes organizations make when it comes to employee engagement is to consider it as just an exercise. It is a lot more than that. Leaders need to fist identify the real purpose and meaning of their employee’s work. What motivates them? What drives them? This is why you need to go deeper, and see it as a 360 approach, starting with mapping your needs.

5. Rethink employee benefits

Are your people happy with the benefits you offer?

According to a Business Harvard Review study, 72% of businesses agree that recognition impacts engagement positively.

Fairly treated and paid employees become your company’s ambassadors, stay engaged and productive. Consider developing a proper Compensation and Benefits scheme, to attract and retain talent.

At Humanis, we help businesses build a rewards system for their employees based on research, comparative market analysis and assessment of the company’s position, as well as help with the overall strategy that needs to follow.

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