Strategic HR Mapping

We design a “great workplace” culture

Does your organization have the culture of your dreams?
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Performance Management & Evaluation System

We value your human assets

Do your people maximize performance and productivity?
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Compensation & Benefits

We reward our people

Are your people happy with the benefits you offer?
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We are on a call

Do you need HR advice?
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Learning Solutions

We believe in ongoing training

Do you train your people?
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One to One Consulting

We play one to one

Most of the times, an owner’s SME needs all the help they can get as they have to tackle different issues that arise every day.
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How many different roles do you assume during your business day? Research has shown that 46% of owners/managers ‘wear’ three to four different ‘hats’ on a day-to-day basis. Does this minimize your effectiveness? Does it take up valuable time that you could better use to focus on your Strategy? Does it allow your business to accelerate and develop?

Humanis developed a unique service to support you and your business and to help you stand out from competitors:  HR Services for Small Enterprises

What we offer at a glance:

HR Management (We give value to business)

  • We Design a “great workplace culture”
  • We value your human asset
  • We reward our people
  • We are on a Call

Learning Solutions (We give value to people)

  • We believe in ongoing training