Our Vision
 & Mission

To inspire a culture
of increased commitment to
personal and business growth.

We are constantly discovering new HR trends and we create added value to our clients providing the “best in class” solutions.

Our Values


We deliver on our promises to each other and to our clients, working with integrity, consistency and commitment.


We are open to new ideas and ways of doing business. We welcome feedback for improvement from each other and from our clients.


We work with enthusiasm and a strong desire to achieve creative solutions that bring optimum results for us and our clients.


We are always mindful that we work with people and for people and empathize with their needs.


We embrace the diversity of individuals and the different strengths they bring into the blend of teamwork. We give value to maintaining a work-life balance.


We pursue an excellent outcome that stands us and our clients out from the crowd.

Our Social Impact

We aim to provide services that will make the world a better place for everyone, by bringing business results through engaged stakeholders, promoting a circular economy and encouraging good governance practices in all business functions. We are strong believers of Benjamin Franklin’s quote: Do well by doing good!

Our Social Impact

Our Team

We create diverse project teams, from all over the world, where different backgrounds, ages, experience and cultures come together to develop sur mesur solutions. We create unexpected experience.  Many would think that training in a theater is extreme,  for us it’s just a day in the office…!

FROM6countries / cultures

In one of the most historic neighborhoods of Athens, where the wisdom of the past meets the vibrance of today, we were inspired to write our story. Our offices represent the way we think and work: we blend the old with the new, the past with the future, the classic with the innovative and the highest standard of professionalism in a warm and friendly environment.

our spaces