Unleash Your Sales Potential: The Power of Neuroscience


Neuroscience is related to everything we do. A sales journey is no exception. What happens when two people meet up, from emotions to thoughts, even in the first 20 seconds of their interaction? We share everything sales managers need to know to drive more powerful results, in this blog post.

In the ever-evolving world of sales, staying ahead of the competition requires not just sharpening your communication skills or mastering the latest sales techniques, but also better understanding human behaviors.


This blog post will explore the dynamics between two people in a sales interaction and how you can use basic neuroscience knowledge to influence behaviors.


Understanding the brain’s role in sales can be a game-changer. In comparison to the typical sales techniques, the art of neuroscience in sales (TANIS) enables you to go one step further than the simple and generic rule of “following X number of steps” during your sales interactions.


It helps you take one step back and understand the mechanisms of human interaction, making you more flexible and empowering you to become a more effective salesperson.


Here’s how:


  1. Understanding Your Own Emotions

As a sales manager, the first step to a winning sales approach is to learn how to identify and control your own emotions. Behind every successful decision-making process, there are a lot of emotional responses and intuitional thoughts going on that a sales manager needs to consider and effectively deal with.


When searching for the definition of intuition thought, one can find three key characteristics.


“First, intuition involves the identification of a pattern with minimal information. Second, intuition is not necessarily subject to conscious objective analysis. Third, intuition serves to guide work on complex tasks, at times inducing affect. Put more directly, intuition may

be said to involve the formation of an inarticulate, unconscious, pattern that guides problem-solving and decision-making on complex tasks.”


When you understand the interplay between these factors, you can tailor your sales approach to appeal to the different decision-making systems and effectively handle different buyer personas.


  1. Building Trust and Rapport

Trust is the foundation of any successful sales relationship. Building trust with your prospects is not just about what you say but also how you say it.


Try to communicate using active listening and emotional intelligence. Also, by using positive power and influence, you learn how to meet objectives and establish deeper consultative relationships – being the trusted advisor.


  1. Overcoming Resistance

Sales managers can better deal with resistance when they have developed a deeper connection with their customers. They are able to gain better insights into any objections and concerns prospects might have, and therefore, address them more effectively.


  1. Maximizing Adaptability

As mentioned earlier, neuroscience provides valuable insights into how to become conscious of what you say and how. When you understand your own psychological state and emotions, you automatically become more adaptable during the sales process; becoming neutral about the Influence Styles.


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Being able to recognize signals and the behavioral patterns associated with different buyer styles and adapt your own selling style, can lead you to new and more ways to connect and achieve better sales results.


When asked about what is the main difference between intuition and biases, Sherri Malouf, Strategic Soft Skills Institute initiator of TANIS, said “Intuition is based on pattern recognition and long-term memory. Biases can interfere with it. Becoming self-aware and understanding your own emotions and being able to recognize patterns is key.”


Incorporating neuroscience knowledge into your sales toolkit can elevate your effectiveness as a salesperson or sales leader. By understanding the brain’s role in decision-making, trust-building, resistance, and adaptability, you can leverage the power of neuroscience to unleash your sales potential.


Explore more about The Art of Neuroscience in Sales (TANIS), our brand-new training program designed for sales leaders across the world.

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