How to use intuition to enhance work relationships and boost sales

When it comes to making decisions at work, you can rely on data analytics and logic, but, sometimes, there is also an unsung hero that plays a significant role in the decision-making process: intuition.

Intuition is often described as a “gut feeling”, that inner voice, and can have a big impact on work relationships, particularly in sales. In this blog post, we explore the importance of intuition in the sales journey and why it matters in our fast-paced business world.

Understanding intuition
Intuition is the subconscious ability to make quick decisions based on patterns, experiences, and feelings. It is a sum of your life experiences and knowledge. When it comes to business, intuition can be a game-changer.

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Strengthening emotional intelligence with intuition
motional intelligence is a key factor in successful work relationships and sales. Intuition helps you tune into your own emotions and those of others. It facilitates empathy, making it easier to connect with colleagues, clients, and partners on a deeper level.

Understanding your own emotional state
As mentioned above, being aware of your own emotions helps you build emotional resilience. It allows you to manage stress, setbacks, and rejection effectively, which is essential in the sales field where rejection is common. Being emotionally aware, aligning with your thoughts and feelings, can lead to readjusting your sales approach or even taking a step back from the sales process entirely.

Customer understanding
Intuition helps in better understanding the client’s personality, communication style, and preferences. It allows salespeople to adapt their approach, making the interaction more effective.

Faster decision-making
Intuitive salespeople can often make faster decisions during a sales interaction. In fast-paced industries, this can be a significant advantage. According to a survey by, 45.2% of sales representatives believe that improving the speed of decision-making positively impacts sales results.

Closing more deals
The art of closing deals often hinges on the ability to know when the timing is right. Intuition enables you to better recognize buying signals, opportunities, objections, and hesitations. It guides sales professionals in choosing the best moments to move forward with the sale.

There is no doubt that intuition is crucial to sales success. From enhancing decision-making and helping get a deeper understanding of complex situations, to strengthening emotional intelligence and navigating work relationships, intuition is a powerful asset in the world of sales.

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