Physis Pastry: Putting some sweet corporate culture foundations

Physis Pastry shop has had a rapid growth in recent years, using natural and organic raw materials, and following traditional methods of preparing their products, based on their motto “Sweets with Ethos”. At the moment, it employs 35 people in Athens, in two pastry shops and a manufacturing laboratory.

As the company had a high turnover of employees resulting in both financial and brand imaging costs, Humanis was asked to align the family culture with the company’s high growth rates, developing and adopting a Vision that would include both aspects of the business.

Humanis developed from scratch the role descriptions, the organizational chart, all recruitment, and on-boarding processes for new employees, while also providing systematic consulting to the Management team, so that all old and new employees had a common understanding of the Vision, skills and holistic corporate culture.

Retention of 80% of staff after the first year of cooperation

The company has hired an experienced HR colleague and with our guidance will start implementing all the processes developed by Humanis in the day-to-day business of the company.

If you own a small to medium business or manage its human resources department, and you feel that dealing with your employees’ management takes time away from other more strategic activities, we are here to help! Contact us to get all the benefits of having an HR manager, without the need for hiring one!

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