How to become an influence expert

Join us for a three-day all-hands event that will give you insight into your own influence behavior, tools to get the most out of every situation, and strategies to reach your business goals without damaging your interpersonal relationships

Have you ever wondered why it seems so tough to reach your goals when you interact with certain people or in certain situations? Could it be the way you approach the situation? How do you foster support for your plans, sway others towards your point of view, and ensure your opinion is heard?

All the above examples require one thing: influence! And we are all able to influence on a daily basis, either at home or at work.

What is influence?

 “Leadership is influence, nothing more, nothing less“ – John Maxwell

Think of influence as a powerful “tool kit”.

It is a focused application of communication skills that we employ to shift people toward what we want them to do. These behavioral skills are under our control; we are capable of making strategic decisions about how we aim to behave, and we are capable of altering our behavior through our own choices if we have adequate alternatives.

Improving your positive influencing skills will ensure the right balance between reaching results and building strong relations, and help you achieve more than you can imagine. Positive Power and Influence is a fundamental skill for life.

In the Positive Positive Power and Influence® Programme (PPI®), you have the opportunity to learn how to increase your personal effectiveness and influence, while at the same time, strengthen relationships with others. It uses the Influence model and a shifting between energies and influencing styles, depending on the person and the situation you’d like to influence.

The influence model.

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Learn. Practice. Influence.

Join us for two Open Enrollment Sessions in Athens or Amsterdam on 20-21-22 September or 25-26-27 October for the celebration of the launch of the new 21st-century version of the Positive Power and Influence program (PPI), specially delivered by the best Certified Trainers of the EMEA PPI licensor, The Influence Company.

For decades PPI has been one of the most successful training programs in the field. In PPI, executives, managers, and individual professionals experience how they can become more successful, developing a pleasant, productive collaboration based on commitment and empowerment. That is the reason why we, as Humanis, so strongly believe in PPI and have been offering it for over 20 years now.

The Influence Company has totally renewed this great program. Keeping the core as strong as it always has been; yet making it fit for the future.

Ready to experience this? Please visit our website and read more about the program and its tools. Wishing you a lot of positive influence and hope to see you in Athens or Amsterdam.

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