How to choose your HR partner

Your guide to selecting your HR partner whether you are a small/medium-sized company or a big organization. What questions should you ask and what to consider?

What is an HR business partner?

An HR business partner is a strategic liaison between HR and the business, ensuring that your organization is able to make the desired impact. Focusing on people, the role of an HR partner is to help you reach your business objectives while offering continuous support for the development and implementation of high-performing, integrated HR practices.

You can either outsource your entire HR function or partner with an HR company to further strengthen your HR efforts. Depending on the size of your company, your needs and objectives may vary. You may consider reaching out to an HR company for consulting on just specific parts of your HR function, like strengthening your culture and employee experience, learning and development, empowering leaders, organizational transformation, and more.

Here is a list of the top things to consider when choosing your HR partner:


 The level of experience of your Human Resources partner is essential. Even if you are a small company that wants to boost just one aspect of your HR function, you need a trusted partner that can deliver on their promises. They need to have considerable experience and a diverse portfolio of clients in order to be able to address your specific challenges and provide holistic developmental solutions, adding value to organizations of all sizes. Ask to review their case studies and request references from their clients and partners before deciding if they are the right fit for you.

Variety of HR offerings

 Is the outsourcing HR company able to handle your complex HR projects? While some companies may be good at providing the day-to-day HR administrative support (ie payroll, people management, recruitment), they might fail to handle large and demanding projects (such as addressing issues on Diversity and Inclusion). Make sure to find a partner that provides A-Z solutions across the whole employee lifecycle, from recruitment to training and Business Resilience. The HR experts should be able to help you navigate any complicated HR issues and work closely with you to resolve them.

Level of support

Another critical part of the process is the level of support your future HR partner will be able to offer. Can they have a dedicated consultant to work with your internal HR team if needed? Can they provide the same support at every stage of your company’s growth? Startups require a different level of support compared to mature and bigger organizations.

The role of the HR partner is to help you minimize risks and maximize performance through the best HR practices, so it is essential to have the support you need for your business throughout the way, not just at the beginning.

8 questions to ask your future HR partner whether you are a small- medium-sized business or a big organization:

  • What are your HR offerings?
  • How long have you been in the HR business field?
  • What knowledge and experience can you showcase?
  • How we will work together?
  • What are some SMEs and big organizations you have worked with?
  • What is the level of support you can provide us with?
  • How do you stay current on compliance issues and trends and how would you communicate those to us?

Humanis Your HR Partner

Through our caring consulting and training methodologies, innovative thinking and business subject experts, we expand our business horizons and provide our clients with holistic developmental solutions, helping organizations of all sizes and their people grow.

Humanis HR services for small enterprises (SMEs)

We have developed a unique service to support you and your business and to help you stand out from competitors:  HR Services for Small Enterprises

What we offer at a glance:

HR Management (We give value to business)

  • We Design a “great workplace culture”: From generating the organization’s vision to recruitment, induction of new employees, job descriptions and organizational charting, we help you build the culture of your dreams.
  • We value your human asset: Are your people performing at the top of their abilities? We design the Performance Management system that fits your organization and can boost your people’s productivity.
  • We reward our people: We know what makes people stay with companies and we can help you design a compensation and benefits scheme that will give your employees the financial security and sense of fair treatment that they need.
  • We are on a call: Send us your hr question/challenge/request any time, day or night through the use of “ticketing”. All requests are received promptly and handled timely.

Learning Solutions (We give value to people)

  • We believe in ongoing training: Sometimes it’s tough to find a training program that addresses the challenges of small-medium companies. Our programs are customized to your particular needs.

Humanis HR services for large organizations

Even bigger organizations need some expert hr consulting from time to time. From Learning and Development, to advanced HR consulting services, culture surveys, performance management systems, assessment centers and ESG advice, we have designed a dedicated portfolio of HR solutions to help large enterprises thrive in today’s competitive environment.  Learn more here

Book a free consultation session with one of our senior HR consultants today to help you answer all your questions.

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