We create a culture of Inclusive Leadership

Only an employee-supportive workplace, where Diversity is an organizational value – established to leverage the power of differences – and where all employees experience equitable opportunity for personal success and contribution to the organization’s success, can achieve exceptional performance.


“The great organizations are those that attract differences. They seek harmony, not uniformity. They hire color, culture, talent, and employees who are willing to experience personal transformation. They strive for oneness, not sameness”  Gil Atkinson


This program will encourage you to understand the need for cultural transformation and integration in order to achieve inclusion, through tangible business actions and decisions, maximizing effectiveness and profitability for the organization.

Specifically, you will:

  • Identify unconscious perceptions and behaviors that prevent the full development, utilization, and performance of all employees.
  • Learn how to permanently resolve unconscious patterns of exclusion resulting from such perceptions and behaviors.
  • Adopt both cognitive and behavioral skills that reinforce the resolution of unconscious bias using the guidelines of Emotional Intelligence.
  • Brainstorm strategies, processes, and behaviors for permanently eliminating the most counterproductive biases, from an organizational perspective.
  • Receive your personal Inclusivity tracking and measurement tool, through which you will assess your, post training, cognitive and behavioral shift and calculate your return on investment (ROI)

Audience: All level managers and individual contributors