Resolve conflict: Everyone can win

Resolve your conflicts constructively. Here’s Conflict Resolution Network’s 12 skill approach. It has been tested and refined over many years to support you having better relationships and better outcomes at home, at work and in the community.

Our presenter is Helena Cornelius, a professional psychologist with a wealth of conflict resolving experience. It’s based on the book, ‘Everyone Can Win’. The writing team for this audio series is Helena Cornelius, Christine James, Shoshana Faire and Estella Cornelius.

Our music is by Stewart D’Arrietta. If you are ready to consolidate these skills, enrol in our online ‘Conflict Resolution Certificate Course’ which expands each podcast with additional readings, audio-visual material and exercises as you learn to apply the skills personally. Visit the Conflict Resolution Network website headquarters for extra reading, study notes, training material or to enrol at

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