Building effective teams: Where do you start?

Building effective teams: Where do you start?

Restructure your approach to collaboration

Teamwork does not come naturally to everyone. Learn what it takes to develop a collaborative team by rethinking your approach to team-building.

When you think about collaboration, you probably think about teams. But teamwork may not be a natural thing for individuals. And a successful team-based organization may be easier said than done. Learn how restructuring your approach to collaboration can make teamwork more effective. Joining us for this episode of Capital H is Dominic Price, Work Futurist and “Team Doctor” at Atlassian. Listen in as Don shares his thoughts on building a team that creates value, including understanding what it means to be agile, achieving cognitive diversity, navigating failure and course correction, harnessing the benefits of friction and respectful dissent, and evaluating success—along with his secret sauce for transformation.

How can certain talent practices, such as performance management and rewards, support teaming within organizations?


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