Mind full or Mindful? We know the difference.

Mind Full or Mindful? We know the difference

To be mindful means to be consciously aware of what is taking place within you and the impact you have on the world outside of you *


How mindfulness can improve you and your performance

Mindfulness can influence your personal and professional workplace performance by:

  • Helping You Master You—understanding what is going on within and adopt a state of empowerment in response to external events (or situations)
  • Achieving Clarity and Presence—being present in the moment and focused on achieving a desired outcome
  • Managing Your Emotions and Feelings—overcoming overwhelm and managing stress, anxiety, fear, and ultimately, creating personal centeredness
  • Having a Positive Impact—becoming more empowered and influencing the performance of others*

* Mindfulness in the Workplace: Unlocking Potential, Maximizing Productivity, Dr William Guillory, Innovations International

Audience: All level managers and individual contributors