How Titan Cement Company is designing its organizational future through a Humanis resilient scheme

About the client: TITAN Group is an international cement and building materials producer operating since 1902. It has production plants in 10 countries and business presence in 15 countries. This is a multinational organization that employs more than 5.500 people.

Challenges: Even before the pandemic, it became clear that leaders were called upon to guide their employees through significant changes in the industry, primarily to adjust to competitiveness drivers such as digitazation and decarbonization. The leadership team discovered that to tackle the everchanging working environment, they had to reconstruct the way they responded to continuous developments, transforming their mindset.

Solution: Humanis offered a holistic solution to the team: A learning journey that begun with the Creating a Framework of Resiliency mindset changing program, a Team Engagement workshop and the Leadership Simulation Game Fligby. The developmental process was enhanced with bridging tasks between interventions and one-to-one coaching to the individual leaders.

See the program journey in action:

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